Privacy & Security

Keeping your identity and your data completely safe on the internet.

We have taken care of the security of your data and here’s what you can count on us to do for your data security

256-bit encryption

When you are logged into the secured site area, you can see the ‘https’; at the beginning of each page URL in the browser status bar. This is the same technology (called Secure Socket Layer) used by online stores, payment gateway provider and bankers to secure the information.

Password Protection

The site itself is password protected and that password is stored in an encrypted format that even we or our service staff can’t read. If a password is lost or forgotten, an automated password recovery system is available.

Secured storage and hosting

The servers that hold your data are physically and electronically protected. It is monitored 24/7 to make sure that it does not breakdown and only authorized people can access your information. Your data is safe on our server; your records are intact even if your computer isn’t. All data is backed up on timely basis

Respect for your privacy

We never sell or give away your personally identifiable information to any third party subject to our Privacy Policy.

Privileges Management

Assigning member privileges allows you to share the administration of your website with as many registered members as you wish. Create multiple users with different permission levels to control what type of data each user can see or modify.

Finally, it's your data

We believe that all the data belongs to you. We provide the ability for you to export all of the data you’ve entered in different file format. You can download the data at any time. Your subscription should be active to download your data.